At ModPower it is safety first, last and always Rapid on-site installation Pre-packaged module Platform design Patented, ergonomic designs ModPower’s Modular Substation :  A product and not a process ModPower’s Modular Substations reduce onsite labor costs by 85% ModPower offers exemplary Modular Substation design, build and installation Elevated substation in catastrophic condition

ModPower Modular Substations, Transmission and Distribution Solutions.

ModPower is an industry leader in the technological integration, manufacture and construction of modular substations. Our pre-fabricated Modular Substations are factory assembled, wired, tested and delivered as a product and not a project.

ModPower has delivered proven safe Modular Substations domestically and internationally, which are rated for:

  • Voltage class: 230kV, 138kV, 69kV, 34.5kV, 15kV
  • Seismic class: 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Wind rated: 150mph, 125mph, 100mph
  • Ice rated: 2”, 1”
  • Ergonomic design – Healthy and safe operations
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The benefits of ModPower’s turn-key Modular Substation over a traditional project based approach include:

  • Warehouse pre-fabrication, testing and integrated cable ways radically improves worksite safety
  • ModPower is a world leader in Modular Substation design, build and installation
  • Onsite labor costs are reduced by 85%
  • Design, manufacture and installation times are measured in days not weeks
  • The modular design makes it possible to configure larger installations by linking modules
  • ModPower substations are easily re-located and re-assembled
  • Smart technology and hard fiber eliminate the typical control wire mistakes and enable fast on-site energization and commissioning
  • ModPower modular substations are configured to accommodate systems from across the industry
  • Proven smart section modules fold into place—modular assembly is fast and reliable

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