ModPower’s approach to health, safety and the environment (HSE)


At ModPower it is safety first, last and always.

Electrical substation safety is an important issue in utility, renewable, governmental, energy and industrial installations. A number of serious accidents, including fatalities, occur every year due to accidents or faulty electrical equipment.

At ModPower, we believe that safety begins with the equipment and electrical design. Therefore, we design, build, test and install our modular substation in ways that minimize occupational health, safety and environment risks.

ModPower modular substations are pre-fabricated. The technology is fully integrated and does not leave the warehouse until it is fully tested. This approach provides two benefits. First, the chance of a substation being commissioned with missed faults is reduced. Second, the need for specialist on-site staff during the installation phases is virtually eliminated. All of which drastic improves your exposure to HSE risk.