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ModPower has the necessary know-how and world-wide project experience to design, manufacture and install turn-key medium and high-voltage modular substations for a wide range of industries.

ModPower is brand agnostic and implements all major equipment brands into the design, build and installation of their modular substations. We can also implement the latest technology in protection, metering, SCADA control and audio frequency load control to the modular design.

A ModPower Modular Substation is an ideal solution for organizations operating electrical power infrastructure in the range of 4kV – 230kV, who also face any of the following challenges:

  • Expensive labor force
  • Urban settings with complicated land permit processes
  • Remote regions, with difficult access and harsh conditions
  • Limited local access to highly skilled labor
  • Fast installation and energization timelines
  • Repeatable installation requirements
  • Large electrical consumption needs
  • Cost effective, high quality interconnect capability to the power grid
  • utility


    ModPower serves transmission, distribution and electrical substation needs of the U.S and international electric utility industry
  • Renewable


    With rapid growth in the area of renewables, there is a focus on improving the connectivity of alternative energy resources to the U.S electrical grid
  • US-Government

    US Government

    Government agencies understand the speed and cost benefits of installing Modular Substations to quickly restore electrical service to critical infrastructure
  • Oil-Gas- Petrochemicals

    Oil Gas & Petrochemicals

    Modular Substations allow the energy sector to overcome many typical design, installation and maintenance issues
  • Industrial


    With total turn-key project management, a smaller footprint and early return on investment, Modular Substations offer the perfect solution for industrial facilities