Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Serving the energy sector with Modular Substations


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Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

ModPower’s Modular Substations are installed quickly, need limited on-site specialist labor, require a small footprint and meet clearance requirements.

A ModPower Modular Substation meets the exacting standards codified in National Electrical Safety Code. It also helps the energy sector overcome many of the typical design, installation and maintenance challenges identified within the Code.

ModPower’s Modular Substation provides the oil, gas and petrochemical industry with numerous benefits including:

  • Reduced design, manufacture and installation times
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved work site safety
  • A smaller footprint

ModPower has proven experience in the construction and maintenance of power lines and substations for utility, renewable, U.S government, oil, and gas, petrochemical and Industrial facilities.