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Serving US Government Agencies with Modular Substations


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ModPower serves the transmission, distribution and electrical substation needs of many local, state and federal agencies.

Many of the critical infrastructures in the United States rely heavily on electric power for their continued operation. Government services, such as first responders in emergencies, have a crucial role to play in a rapid response to outages.

Government agencies understand the speed and cost benefits of installing Modular Substations to rapidly restore electrical service to critical infrastructure or populated areas affected by equipment failure, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or military applications. ModPower’s proven safe design package is available virtually overnight, with energization that takes days not weeks.

A ModPower Modular Substation is quickly installed, requires minimal on-site specialist knowledge, and can be easily re-configured and scaled for different applications. ModPower’s Modular Substation provides the US government sector with numerous benefits including:

  • The ability to rapidly restore service
  • Reduced design, manufacture and installation times
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved work site safety
  • Improved flexibility through scalable and reusable designs

ModPower has proven experience in the construction and maintenance of power lines and substations for utility, renewable, U.S government, oil, and gas, petrochemical and Industrial facilities.