ModPower Modular Substation

Modular Power station

A ModPower Modular Substation is a turn-key solution which is applicable to most industry sectors and locations. It is a product not a process and offers many time and cost saving advantages over traditional power station design, construction and installation methods.

  •  Proven Safe Design Library

    Proven Safe Design Library

    A proven safe design library provides immediate access to proven fabrication details, staging, set-up, and physical design packages
  • Smart Section Design

    Smart Section Design

    The module ships in compact smart sections. This approach enables low cost transport and rapid on-site assembly
  • Smart Technology and Hard Fiber

    Smart Technology and Hard Fiber

    Hard fiber and smart technology reduces control wire and delivers enhanced remote operation and equipment monitoring capabilities
  • Helical Pile Foundations

    Helical Pile Foundations

    ModPower utilizes advanced pre engineered foundation systems to further improve the speed and efficiency of installation