Smart Technology and Hard Fiber

The move from complexity to simplicity

Smart Technology and Hard Fiber

ModPower’s Modular Substation incorporates smart technology and hard fiber. This technology marks the move from complexity to simplicity, by reducing control wire and delivering enhanced remote operations and equipment monitoring.

A ModPower Modular Substation leaves the factory fully assembled, wired and tested. This technology offers significant savings, including the minimization of on-site work and any delays, which arise due to inclement weather. The time required to integrate site services is also be greatly reduced.

ModPower is brand agnostic and implements all major equipment brands into the design, build and installation of their modular substations. We can also incorporate the latest technology in protection, metering, SCADA control and audio frequency load control into our modular design.

ModPower’s smart technology and hard fiber provides:

  • Rapid substation energization, protection, control and communication commission
  • Continuous real time camera (standard and infra-red), power flow data, which is encoded and spooled for secure, web-based remote monitor and control capability
  • Threat identification and examination of equipment condition trends to enable rapid control and load shed decisions